Monday, August 17, 2009

The Latest.....

Life as we know it is BUSY... Talk about a new dynamic! Little Eden is adjusting well, all things considered. Being a big sister means that she has to share the attention-- what a new concept. Addie is doing great, she is so sweet and cuddly. It is quite the experience to have a new one in the family and we couldn't be more grateful. I will post new pictures later of our extended family

Friday, July 10, 2009

Adeline Everitt-any day now!

We are at the highest level of alert, little Addy will be here within 5 days. Our Dr. says we will induce laboron next tuesday, July 14th, 2009 if she doesn't decide to come out on her own. Needless to say, WE ARE EXCITED, kind of anxious too! This is a very busy week coming up: new baby and a family wedding. Such is life-packed full of surprises

Monday, June 29, 2009

How do I prepare my daughter for life?

Ok, this is really what I want to get into. How do we prepare our children for the challenges that come in life? How about dealing with their limitations? How about creating a success philosophy that empowers them to rise above all this and step out of the norm into the extraordinary?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Madaline and Conner's Engagement

My niece Madaline is getting married to a great guy....Conner!!!!
Here is a link to their wedding website...Little Eden is going to be the flower girl

Comment on BLOG design

If anyone has any comments on how I can improve this BLOG....please feel free to let me know
Ok, here is the first post in our new blog.....what an adventure! I am looking forward to everyone adding comments and discussion.
Talk to you all soon.................................

About the girls

Little Eden came into our lives back in October of 2007. She really made her presence known at about 18 weeks into mommy's pregnancy with the "BIG" ultrasound. Actually, we had seen a few other ultrasounds that showed signs of concern before then, but the 18 week one was the roughest one to handle.
We had been told of the possibility of severe chromosomal genetic defects, so severe that she may not live. There were many signs that when put together had the potential of being the often fatal Trisomy-18.
After a comprehensive amniocentesis, and many more consultations with specialists, we were told that Trisomy-18 was not the condition, but that our daughter would have a form of dwarfism --Achondroplasia, most likely.
This diagnosis was, to say the least, A HUGE RELIEF!
So we continued to monitor Eden's prenatal development, around 30 or so ultrasounds in all (I lost count), and this whole process was emotionally draining--lots of highs...lots of lows.
Around the 27 week time frame there was an abnormal collection of fluid on her brain, causing yet another incredible scare as we were confronted with another possibly fatal outcome.
The team of specialists told us that this development was "irreversible","and that they would have to induce labor at 30 weeks to install shunts and relieve the building pressure. They told us that she will likely be so severely retarded that she may have to be institutionalized, if she lives at all.
My wife Sarah has had some personal experience with an amazing nutraceutical company and informed the medical team that she would be taking a specific product which she believed would help Eden's natural cell function. The team reviewed the product and told her that it probably wouldn't make a difference, but since it is not a drug or toxic to the body, that she could do what she felt she needed to do.
Six weeks later the fluid on Eden's brain had reached a normal level once it a miracle, call it luck, call it good nutrition, doesn't matter to me.....God had heard our cry for help!
Eden was born 5lbs, 3 oz. at 37 weeks, happy and healthy! We went through several initial screenings to make sure that she was going to be ok. She had shorter limbs than most babies her size but who cares, this is the beginning of our new adventure.
Eden hasn't yet had a confirmed diagnosis, other than that she does not have Achondroplasia. She also tested negative for Hypochondroplasia--but so do alot of hypo's (or so we are told).
She is so smart, and this isn't just parental bias! Watch the videos: She tells you how old she is, in months (18 months, now 20 months). She counts to mid 20's, she does all the abc's, etc....
And Adeline is almost complications this time (kinda almost seems boring--until about now--3 weeks to go).

About Daddy

My name is David Everitt Jr, and I live in the Seattle/Tacoma, WA area. I am definently a proud daddy; absolutely loving each day I am able to spend with my wife and daughter (soon to be daughters).
My life and goals have been transformed by the addition of little Eden --it's funny how having a family can suddenly provide a deep motivation to change. Even more, I am now in a place where I think about how to create an environment which will cause her to see just how valuable and capable she is.
Thankfully, through my wife's earlier health research and experiences dealing with the difficulties I faced in Eden's prenatal development, I learned a great deal about wellness and what superior nutrition program can do for someone. There are many approaches to health, and then there are some that are exceptional foundations most people are unaware of! We have aligned ourselves with a very influential and successful global wellness team dedicated to optimal health and creating resources to support families to move past any barriers they might encounter as their children mature. We have started an initiative and formed a team, called "Eden's Way," to mentor families to create independence in finance and pass this on to their children as they become young adults. Our intention is to help this generation of young people turn around our health crisis and pay it forward to the next generation, having them be as healthy and capable as they can!
See our link to find out more or call me direct at (253) 389-2300 or email me